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关于 Good Tea 古脉茶甜

Our Story

Good Tea Pu’er is a limited-edition tea harvested from centuries old tea trees on our private tea plantation. Benefiting from Yunnan’s unique combination of climate, soil and altitude, we use Chinese traditional Pu’er production techniques that give Good Tea its exclusive character that has stood the test of time.

Good Tea 古脉茶甜 来自勐库冰岛自然村,苦涩中散发着悠悠兰香,回甘里洋溢着原始森林中野性阳刚之美。沧桑岁月的磨练,圆融平和的表面之下,却不失野性与霸气。

古脉普洱茶,属于私家茶园,园区古老,百年古茶树,产量稀少,古法工艺,匠心制作出 古脉茶甜 的特有滋味。

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